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Traditional plastic lunch bags are not good for Mother Nature. The Grab’n’Go reusable food bag is a groundbreaking solution that enables you to eat anything you want when you want.

Manufactured with a washable inner-lining, the versatile material of this bag is heat-resistant, waterproof and does not stain when exposed to oil. With our non-disposable hot food bags, we can all make a conscious effort to protect the planet and reduce the amount of waste caused by plastic bags, cling film and tin foil. What’s more, our handy-sized bags can hold 2.5L of liquid, so fits easily in your rucksack or bag.You can also carry it with the handle.

For stylish people on-the-go, our stylish designs are on-trend! Grab’n’Go hot food bags keep your food warm and are much more convenient to carry than a bulky flask. Made from robust and lightweight materials, our small food bags are flexible, fold easily and only weigh 50g. Fitted with a circled base, the sturdy bags can stand on a flat surface by itself without toppling over (even when it’s filled with liquid). Eating soup in the park has never been so easy!

The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) inner-lining is leak-proof, BPA and plasticiser free. Manufactured with food-grade materials that have been approved by governments, the Grab’n’Go enables you to enjoy your favourite home-cooked meals. Our reusable food bags help to promote a sustainable future, as well as to observe a ‘Zero Waste’ trend on the go! By minimising waste, you can help to eliminate the amount of pollution in your community.

• Leak-Proof (Perfect for Food w/ Juice or Sauce)

• Up to 120º (TPU Plastic Membrane Inner Layer)

• Easy to Wipe Clean

• Machine Washable

• Compact in Design (w/ Snap Buckle Handle)

• Big in Capacity (3 Litres)

• Made of Food Grade Material

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