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Pockeat, a mix of two English words “pocket + eat”, is the lightest food bag that can be stored in a small bag or pocket, without taking much space, but can be used at any time.

The inner bag is made of waterproof material and can be in direct contact with food. Whether it’s bread, biscuits, snacks with sauce, or even soup, you can safely put it in.


  • Made of food grade TPU & polyester. 
  • Versatile pocket sized takeaway food container.
  • Compact, folds to a tissue pack size.
  • Lightweight of 52gms onwards.
  • Large capacity of up to 3 litres.
  • Flexible design which can be rolled down and sealed with velcro.
  • With food grade TPU material, hot food of (up to 120°C) can be packed in directly.
  • Easy to clean and dry.

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Heat-resistant and waterproof, can be used for dry soup noodles

The inner bag has passed the national food container inspection standard, with a heat resistance of 120 degrees,
which can directly hold food, and dry soup and noodles can be safely packed

Can be big or small is no longer limited by the container

The Pockeat can change size according to the contents by simply rolling the hook-and-loop fastener.

Pocket size, take it wherever you want

Unique hidden bag design, the bag body can be harvested into about the size of a pack of tissue paper. The
hidden bag can also be put into a cold storage bag to prolong the preservation time of food . The
weight is about three keys, so you can carry it with you without any burden.


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