Paris Garden Bio Pot


  • Grow your own organic food!
  • Boost your health and have fun!
  • Our most popular varieties now come into biodegradable pots for you to reduce environmental impact.
  • Pots are made of Bamboo fiber and are biodegradable.
  • Organic seeds available.

Includes: Bio Pot, seeds, starting soil, instructions and growing tips.

Dimensions: 100 (top diam)*65 (btm diam)*95(h)mm


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Step 1. Using a fork, mix the dehydrated soil with water into a container of your choice and then place the obtained soil into the Paris Garden supplied pot.

Step 2. You should dissolve soil in twice their volume of water approximately.

Step 3. Then, empty 3/4 of the obtained soil into the supplied pot.

Step 4. Then, sow seeds spacing them 5mm to 1cm apart from one another.

Step 5. Eventually, cover the seeds with the remaining soil (approx. 1cm).


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