Oatside Oat Milk

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When it comes to plant-based milk, many individuals find the taste to be somewhat unusual. However, OATSIDE Barista Blend 1L is not your typical plant milk. Prepare to be amazed by its exceptional flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. This product contains a rich and nutty taste that is perfect for those who enjoy a malty flavor. Additionally, it can be enjoyed on its own as a delicious beverage. So, if you’re looking for a unique and tasty plant-based milk, OATSIDE Barista Blend 1L is the perfect choice.

  • 100% plant-based, no saturated fats, lactose-free, no added sugar
  • Roasted Australian oats, no added-flavors, gums, emulsifiers.
  • 70% less emissions, 95% less water, and 80% less land use than dairy milk
  • Froths to create the silkiest, densest microfoam for latte art.
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