Naked Bar – Fabric Stain Eraser


Save your favourite outfit with just 4 simple steps and an unassuming bar.


This humble bar is crafted with simple ingredients yet its formulation boasts of strong stain removal capabilities. Depending on the type and ‘longevity’ of stain, @mynakedbar Fabric Stain Eraser has proven time and again that it is able to lighten or even remove stubborn stains, including long standing ones that had been ironed over.

Easy 4 steps:

1. WET fabric thoroughly.

2. RUB bar into stain to lather. With both hands, massage lather into fabric on the stain spot.

3. SIT fabric with concentrated lather for 10-15 minutes or longer for stubborn stains.

4. WASH and rinse with hand or machine as normal.

For delicate materials, please test in obscure area to check suitability.

@mynakedbar Fabric Stain Eraser comes in 2 sizes:

– FAMILY size for the home use to soak out all the sweat stains from work clothes and the muddy blotches from the uniforms, and

– TRAVEL size for the emergency rescue during occasional spill or splatter cleanup at lunch or dinner outside home before the clothing gets to be laundered. Sometimes this timely save is all it takes to prevent the stain from overstaying.

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