Naked Bar – Celtic Salt Bar


Specially formulated for psoriasis warriors even though it can be used for all skin types (except eczema skin that may not respond well to exfoliation)

With ingredients that are specially chosen to be friendly for the psoriasis skin, including avocado oil, dead sea clay, bentonite clay, turmeric and celtic sea salt. This bar also contains free-flowing organic coconut oil that further helps to hold moisture for the skin.

Properties of ingredients chosen:

Dead Sea Clay

Anti-inflammatory, Detoxifying

Collagen-Boosting, Hydrating

Exfoliating, Rejuvenating

Bentonite Clay

Remove impurities and toxins through adsorption





May reduce PhK, a protein responsible for overproduction of skin cells.

Enhance skin barrier functions

Celtic Sea Salt

Gentle exfoliation to remove skin buildup to increase effectiveness of hydration and treatment

Avocado oil

Emollient for hydration


Antioxidant, Vitamin E

Organic coconut oil

Soften psoriasis scales

Natural moisturiser

*This bar helps to relieve some psoriasis symptoms but does not cure the condition. It works best as a complimentary skincare routine and should not replace any treatment.

**Do note that the bars for sale have been well cured for more than a month and over time, the colours no longer look as vibrant as what you see in the pictures when they were first crafted. But they have become even more lovely bars to enjoy.


Daily use on face and body.

As the bar contains sea salt, please handle the bar gently and lather in your hands before applying to the face instead of rubbing it directly.

For body, choose to rub on skin directly for a gentle massage and exfoliation twice a week and for rest of days, lather in hand for shower.

On hot days, you can choose to leave lather on skin and feel a cool rush before rinsing off.

Skin Types:

Formulated for Psoriasis warriors but suitable for all skin types. except eczema skin.

Bars are delivered in milk/juice cartons by default.

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