Naked Bar – Black Mojo


Sebum Controlling Deep Cleansing Clay Soap Bar for Oily Skin

Pump up your mojo with every shower.

100% natural, formulated with the active gentlemen in mind but not exclusive to them (*wink). For the men and boys to not just wash off the grime, oil and sweat from a hard day at office, school or the gym, but to thoroughly wind down with an enjoyable shower. A great bar too for ladies who prefer a woody scent.

Act​ivated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay were specifically chosen to do the heavy lifting of removing impurities from the pores without the need for any harsh detergent and synthetics. Since most men do not frequent salons for facial like their lady counterparts to remove blackheads, charcoal and bentonite provides great regular maintenance through deeper cleansing and light exfoliation for clearer and healthier skin.

Best for oily skin, many use Bentonite Clay in masks for its amazing adsorbent power to remove excess sebum from the skin and help with acne prone skin. Activated charcoal is also used by many not just for our guts and skin detox, but also as a deodorant to remove body odour.


Daily use on face and body.

Skin Types:

Oily Skin

Bars are delivered in milk/juice cartons by default.

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