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Introducing Malardeau, the latest addition to the Little Otter Canal Boat doll family. This wooden doll houseboat, aptly named after the family’s favorite mallard duck, is the perfect homage to the classic doll houses in the Tender Leaf range.

The roof of this doll’s house boat is removable, and the cabin can be lifted out for more space during playtime.

This set includes numerous accessories specifically tailored to encourage vocabulary growth, emotional intelligence, and narrative activities for preschoolers.

Doll characters Suzy, Skipper and Smudge are included in this set, along side; a wood burning stove, matchbox set of drawers, jam jar lid table, 3 bottle tops, 3 knitted sleeping bags, row of vegetables, flowerpot, coffee pot and jam pot.

This set comes with accessories that resemble real life items used by the canal boat’s inhabitants. Bottle tops, food packaging, and straws have all been creatively repurposed for decoration, making this a sustainable option.

All dolls have their names printed underneath and are scaled to the same size as the the rest of the Merrywood Tales collection.

Made from sustainable rubber wood and responsibly sourced plywood, colored with soft non-toxic colors for a contemporary style.

Presented in an illustrated color box.

Suitable for 3 Years +

Product dimension: 27 x 15.5 x 22.5cm

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