Why switch to dishwash soap bar?  For starters, you’d have one (or probably more) less plastic bottle being added to your monthly grocery shopping.  Second, you’re looking to stop using synthetic toxic ingredients in all your soaping.  Third, you’d no longer contribute to nasty substances going into our water systems.

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This soap bar is made specifically for your dishwashing, giving you loads of lather with just one swipe on the bar.  It’s so easy.  Just wet your loofah, sponge or dish brush and swipe it over the bar once or twice and it’s good to start washing that pile of dishes.   Our orange eco-enzyme solution added into this soap gives it amazing degreasing properties, naturally.  Made by fermentation of organic fruit waste, eco-enzyme is well known as a natural antiseptic.  No synthetic surfactants, no parabens, no nasties.  Orange essential oil is added for scent and for its antimicrobial and degreasing properties.

For best performance, it’s important to keep your soap bar dry in between your washes.  Sit it on a dish plate that is well drained.  You can also put the bar into a shallow bowl if you prefer, but remember to drain it dry after each use.



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