Collapsible Lunch Box


Safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly meal prep container that comes with spoon and fork. Whether you are packing lunch for your child, or using it for takeaways, things are made easier with collapsible lunch box. It can be folded by collapsing which makes it compact and easy for carrying around. The design is both kid and adult friendly. 

Made of food grade silicone, the lunch box is leakproof and heat resistant, making it ideal for packing hot soups. Compared to plastic, silicone is safer for human health. Hot food in takeaways usually come in contact with plastic which leaks out estrogen-mimicking chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA). 

Silicone is also much more durable and environmentally friendly. It is able to endure extreme fluctuations in temperatures, from cold to oven hot, without melting, cracking, or degrading. It is safe for the microwave, fridge and dishwasher. Instead of releasing toxins, silicone converts back into inorganic, harmless ingredients into the environment.

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