Black Sesame Apricot Kernel Drink


Product specifications:

√ Low in Sugar (only 1.8g/100ml)

√ Low in Carbohydrates (3.3g/100ml)

√ Low in Saturated Fats (0.2g/100ml)

√ High in Proteins

√ Plant based proteins

√ Contains healthy unsaturated fats

√ Lactose Free, improving digestion and suitable for lactose intolerant individuals

√ Vegan / Vegetarian friendly

√ Contains all 9 types of essential amino acids that cannot be produced by human body

√ No artificial flavorings/preservatives added

√ Taste fantastic

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Ways to consume Roots of Quality Foods’ Apricot Kernel Drink:

Product characteristics
  • A refined plant-based milk extracted from the elements of the Asian cuisine, a tradition we uphold.
  • Made from 3 different plant-based ingredients, Apricot Kernels, Buckwheat and Black Sesame
  • Ready-to-drink, with an elaborate screw cap for freshness and convenience.

Product care instructions:

Shelf life: Unopened; 9 months

Once opened, keep refrigerated. Finish as soon as possible

For warming up the drink:
1) Open the packet and pour contents into a microwavable cup (glass/ceramic) and warm up before drinking or
2) Place entire packet in a warm water bath for 5 to 10mins before opening the cup to drink.

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