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Does it often happen that you have missed out bringing out a straw and have to use a plastic straw? The patented design of Agooday two-in-one is a cup and straw carrier and a straw cover. When you buy a drink, take out the straw from the carrier and use the carrier for the drink.

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Two-in-one design, both a cup holder and a straw holder.

It is a straw cover when not in use, so you no longer have to forget to bring a straw when you want to drink a drink.

Quickly dry and clean, not easy to leave dirt.

The material is made of quick-drying cloth, which is easy to clean, and you are not afraid of getting dirty.

Pockeat sapwood reuse

During the production process, both the outer fabric and the inner bag used the sapwood left over from the production of Pockeat, and the
defective parts were cut, so that the originally discarded fabric has the opportunity to be reused.


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