• Beechwood Soap Dish Quick View
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    • Beechwood Soap Dish
    • $8.50
    • Each soap holder is handcrafted from beech wood of high quality, designed for maximum drainage and air flow. Soap dish helps in complete drainage of soap bars and extends the…
    • Soap Bag Quick View
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    • Soap Bag
    • $9.00
    • This soap bag helps to lather creamy foam and gently exfoliates the skin. Gentle exfoliation and massage is great for the skin, leaving it vibrant and healthy. Most importantly, a…
    • Soap Travel Case Quick View
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    • Soap Travel Case
    • $18.00
    • A portable and lightweight soap case made for travels helps in ensuring that your bar of soap remains dry and well-ventilated even while you are on the go.  Measures 3.1"…
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