• Licorice Assorted Quick View
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    • Licorice Assorted
    • $1.70$3.70
    • All sorts eat Allsorts! These fun, flavourful and colourful combinations are a long time favourite with young and old. Whether you prefer to munch them whole or peel them to…
    • Marshmallow Raspberry Quick View
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    • Marshmallow Raspberry
    • $3.00$3.30
    • Toasted by the BBQ or topping your hot chocolate… our soft, fluffy delicious Raspberry Marshmallows are for munching, cake baking and decorating, or, for nailing a classic Rocky Road. A…
    • Mix Gummy Jellies Quick View
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    • Mix Gummy Jellies
    • $2.80$3.10
    • Everyone LOVES a Party Mix! There’s most definitely something for everyone in this blend the softest, squishiest traditional jellies! Including the ever-popular Raspberries, Jelly Babies, Snakes and Strawberries and Cream.…
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