Christmas: A Season for Sustainable Giving

Christmas: A Season for Sustainable Giving

Christmas is both a time for giving for the people around us, and an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones to soak in the festivities together. Even though fatigue may have permeated just about every aspect of our social lives following close to two years of restrictions on social gatherings, the spirit of Christmas has remained strong, and burns even brighter than years past as it underscores the value of companionship and belonging.

UnPackt was founded to encourage a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle in Singapore. We believe that this should be done by empowering and developing mutually supportive relationships in the community, through family, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc. As such, to celebrate the significance of the season and encourage a lifestyle of reduced waste and environmental consciousness, we are proud to promote a selection of versatile, stylish, and sustainable products that you could purchase as gifts for your loved ones!

The selection of reusable Pockeat bags is made by our partner, Agooday, for a variety of purposes, such as, food carriers, sandwiches, cutleries, snacks, straw and cup holders. These provide convenience and promote a waste-free lifestyle as they can be washed and reused repeatedly. They can also fit comfortably in your pockets when not in use, and double up as carriers for small loads too. This entirely replaces small plastic bags for marketing trips around the neighbourhood, furthering reducing our carbon footprint.

Pockeat bags also come in an assortment of designs. Living a sustainable lifestyle need not be gloomy and boring, and with such a wide variety of styles to choose from, it will entice your loved ones around you to consider their lifestyle habits and make the world more environmentally conscious, one person at a time. The bags also are lined with waterproof material, which preserves the quality of foodstuffs while containing any spills during the journey home or to the office.

This Christmas, consider gifting a loved one, family member, or friend a Pockeat bag to introduce them to a more sustainable and eco-friendlier lifestyle!

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